IBM A22E notebook setup

I had no real problems installing Debian Woody on an IBM A22E that I recently aquired. The machine has the following specs:
processor: Celeron 800MHz
memory: 128M (later upgraded to 256M)
disk: 15G
NIC: Intel EtherPro/100 (builtin)
Audio: Intel i810 (builtin)
Video: ATI Mobile Rage (builtin)
modem: Lucent 56k (builtin)

I installed Debian from a network install CD. I chose to install the 2.4.18 kernel with ReiserFS. I also had to add the eepro100 module to get the network to work. I kept the pcmcia modules installed and also installed the notebook extras.

The machine will start x with either the vesa or ati xserver, but the ati one likely works better.

I found some problems with the mouse driver, but upgrading the x to 4.3 cured that. I  like using a more recent version of KDE, so I installed 3.2.1 from unstable. I also installed alsa from unstable and selected the i810 module. Any recent version of alsa should work however. You can download the modem driver from the net if you need it.

You need to setuid on /usr/bin/apm to get power management to work but other than that things work. The battery meter and monitoring works fine.

Like I said, no real problems.